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no data exchange between Desktopsafe and Pocketsafe

There are several possible reasons of this problem - check the list below.

Reason 1: Either Desktopsafe or Pocketsafe is unregistered

Data transfer works ok only if both Desktopsafe and Pocketsafe are registered. To check their status, access the About section for both PocketPC and DesktopPC components (i.e. Pocketsafe and Desktopsafe) and check if your name shown in both products. If one of them has 'unregistered' or 'lite version' message instead of your name, it will prevent ActiveSync from synchronizing and data import/export operations. In this case you need to find your registration letter for related product and enter the valid registration code. If you have lost your registration code, you may request its copy at REGISTRATION CODE RESTORATION PAGE.

Reason 2: ActiveSync connection is lost

To perform a transfer of any data or files, you need a stable MS ActiveSync connection between your Pocket PC and desktop. If everything OK with this connection, you can see a green ActiveSync icon in system tray (bottom right corner of desktop screen). If this icon is grayed out, ActiveSync connection is lost and you need to revive it.

Reason 3: There was an old version of DesktopSafe (lower than 1.12) once installed on your desktop and you have upgraded MS ActiveSync to version above 3.70

Please perform the following steps:

1) Check if the following file is present in DesktopSafe program folder:

Filename: rapi.dll
Location: DesktopSafe workfolder (usually C:\Program Files\Cresotech DesktopSafe\rapi.dll)
File size: 73810 bytes

If it is there, delete it and try connecting again.

2) If above will not help, completely uninstall DesktopSafe from your computer.

IMPORTANT: do not delete data files (*.cps). Uninstaller will offer you to keep them unless you will select "Delete All" option. DO NOT DELETE THEM! This is where all your records are being stored. For further security, it is good idea to copy them somewhere else, to other folder than DesktopSafe work folder (and copy them back after the latest version is installed).

3) Re-install the latest version of DesktopSafe (1.12 or higher). If you are not sure whether your copy is latest or not, please download it at http://www.cresotech.com/ftp/desktopsafe.exe

This should help.


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